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Jean Fontan
Dimensions : 100 x 100 x 7 cm

Edition: Unique work
Painting on canvas

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43° Aluminium of Jean FONTAN

Born in the Gers in 1957, now living in Brittany, the self-taught Jean had to wait until the end of his various activities to devote himself entirely to painting.
Thanks to the painting that served as his therapy… he lives fully in his studio in Port Navalo and Brussels where he also reserves a place for painters and sculptors.

Jean Fontan’s painting develops around two main axes: movement and erosion by time.
Colorist, he fixes on the canvas with the help of large flat shapers moments of calm, voluptuousness, specific to the themes approached. Thanks to the primary colours, he makes all the warmth of the moments captivated here and there as he travels. Thus, it is an escape for visitors. In turn he takes us to Africa, in Corsica, a small hook for a bullfight and back to Morbihan, punctuated by Jazz…

Today, his works are inspired by reality or an imaginary world where dreams and memories blend together, with a style that combines figurative elements in a modern register without the presence of abstraction.

No one can remain indifferent to this enchantment of color


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