À Saint-Malo

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A Saint Malo of Yong-Man Kwon on MooVGALLERY

Canvas 100x81cm

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Yong-Man KWON is a French painter who lives and works in paris. Born in 1972 in Seoul, South Korea or after graduation, he became a drawing teacher.
he went to the United States to perfect his skills and then joined the Foreign Legion, which employed him as an illustrator. His passion for painting led him to exhibitions in China, Japan and South Korea.
It is by participating in the main French civilian and military fairs that he is rewarded with numerous prizes.
Appointed in 2003,2005 and 2012 respectively, Official Painter of the Army, Air and Space and Navy, he is also a Member of the Taylor Foundation. Kwon Yong-Man is one of those artists, rare, it must be said!, for whom art is above all transmission, allowing to unite Beauty and thought thanks to the emotions felt.
In his works, nothing is anecdotal, nothing is left to chance, everything is essential. He tries to translate nature by interpreting it without copying it, but rather by revealing what he sees as the most important element that touches him the most. Thus, all these landscapes that he hunts with the hunter’s instinct are sublimated and transcribed on canvas with the will to make the spectator enter a personal and original universe.


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