Baston en bleu

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BASTON EN BLEU Aluminium 80×60 of Jean Fontan on MOOVGALLERY

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Baston en bleu – ALUMINIUM 80×60 – JEAN FONTAN

Artist painter designer

Time Interpretation

Reserved by the verb, talkative by the brush, he draws his emotions and colours his sensations.
A storyteller of the sensory, a chronicler of colours, it is by surfing and racing that he brushes the sea, and a fisherman that he draws the beach.
As a gourmand he paints the market, as a lover he hides the face of his “Valentine”, whose nostalgia follows the brushstroke. In order to open up access to his art, Jean Fontan offers, in parallel to the original works, artist’s proofs in limited series, numbered of his work.
He is a hard worker who loves color materials.
All the arts come together in Jean Fontan’s work: Caillebotte and Riley in his wet pavements that reflect the dynamics of New York, Delerm in his brief market, Carzou in the stays of his sailboats, Satie in the waves and Carlson in the skirts.
What could be more natural for the eclectic and passionate self-taught person who celebrates the joy of living together every day?


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