Blue stone

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CANVAS of JEANNE 100 X 100cm

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BLUE STONE by JEANNE – Mixed technique on resin canvas. 100×100

Jeanne’s works are a means for her to connect with the gaze of the other through her sensitivity and intimacy. The characters represented are friends who posed for her or strangers crossed on the net whose posture inspired her.

The artist stared at their image in timelessness in an attempt to draw closer to the silence of sacred art, to make his canvas a sort of contemporary stained glass window suggested by the resin applied in a topcoat. It seeks to unite the carnal dimension with the spiritual dimension. The resin, by its greedy side which invites to touch and its brightness of light which accentuates the intensity of the colors, is the precious friend in its search for balance between the flesh of the earth and the divine of the sky. To feel connected in the visible and invisible, free and living with roots and wings, as one can feel connected to a crossed look. To show that our paradoxes are only equilibrium, only in one sense. Femininity and sensuality, the spies, are his main sources of inspiration. The lightness of the game, the depth of being, these eyes that speak and expose themselves. A freeze on an image suspends time by the emotion through the color that echoes our inner vibrations.


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