Elephant et son petit

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Sculpture by Annie Laurence Malleron. Working on clay. Raku cooking technique. Unique contemporary works.

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Malleron Annie Laurence was born in Pari in 1958. Today she lives and works in Brittany.
From her time in the fine arts, she will only retain the audacity of the colours that her sculptures carry.
Her gaze and questions are dictated by the nature she is close to.
Her creations do not fail to question, she picks the clay and transforms it. His sculptures half man, half fish, each time unique like the aquatic world that abounds in diversity.
There is also the horse, whose beauty, grace and strength it seeks to transmit in its sculptures.
The work of modelling, colombin is important and precedes long stages of cooking, with notably the use of the Raku technique, difficult to control but which leaves beautiful surprises and a lot of emotion at the exit of the oven.


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