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Alex & Manon

Manon Perrier and Alexandre Guilmart team up to share their workshop and exult their creations. A graduate of the Ecole Pivaut, Alex perfected his skills in drawing and painting, while Manon practiced modelling for about ten years. They share a sharp eye to compose a prolific universe sensitive to the interstitial space of the chimera and the vegetable.

From metal, they form human or animal figures imbued with a heightened sensitivity. Their respective worlds unite under the hymn of symbiosis. Alchemy operates through classical and contemporary fusion and the confusion between melted steel and the superposition of lines, movements, rhythms… Alex&Manon unfurl matter, this matrix, an instinctive and physical relationship in perpetual research. In the infinite quest of experimentation and the path of creation, the duo gives shape to sculptures of the order of delight.

The works are worked with large steel rods, then with the arc to weld. The grinders finishings give these metallic structures a contemporary charm of quality. Some of the works are treated outdoors, giving them a coppery colour.


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